Physical security

Physical security

Careful and thorough knowledge of contract

The realization of every order precedes physical security processing security analysis of the object, based on which it is made staffing, equipment and facilities designed, developed a project to supplement technical means of surveillance,                                         Designed basic implementation plan of surveillance, including additional services and control activities and the calculated price for the security services in a given range.                                     

Security staff


In addition to the criminal integrity tenderer must submit a medical report as well as good health. Knowledge workers and the quality of service is controlled by dispatchers company and the fulfillment of partial qualification "Guardian" according to § 17 par. 3 of Law no. 179/2006 Coll.                                         the recognition of results of further education Surveillance Equipment: Material equipment staff is always adapted to the specific contract and includes the standard uniform uniforms, personal protective equipment and means of communication.

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